Biostimulant and enhanced mineral fertilisers

Increase your crop yield, animal welfare & profitability

Regenerative agriculture – soil, plant and microbial nutriments. Cost-effective, naturally occurring vital elements and unique plant nutrient solutions. Non-hazardous.

Proven, in the United Kingdom and international agriculture.

About Nutricor Agronomics

Nutricor Agronomics’ innovative mineral and biostimulant fertilisers.

Optimised yields and nutrient-dense crops. For cost-effective, sustainable plant health and animal welfare. Using naturally occurring elements, no chemical reaction is necessary, creating no pollutants.

Working in synergy with nature, your natural choice.

  • Sustainably increase yields
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase nutrient density, with unique plant and microbial interactions
  • Maintain soil health for subsequent crops
  • Increase tolerance to the greatest threats to your crops from biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Grow stronger plants
  • Increase tolerance to the greatest threats to your crops from biotic and abiotic stresses
  • Promoting and sustaining soil health
  • Improved animal health, welfare, growth and vitality, beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and other animals
  • Grow nutrient-dense, palatable grass and forage crops
  • Increase seed germination and plant establishment
  • Proven across the United Kingdom
  • Advisors and distributors throughout the UK and internationally

The farmers choice

Over 100% increase (over double) in vital element, nutrient density is being achieved on crops. A remarkable outcome. We are continually discovering amazing benefits.
Farmers are ‘highly delighted’ with such increased returns.
Mark Atkins
Agronomist, Nutricor Agronomics Ltd

Why use biostimulant fertilisers?

The answer to rising costs and environmental issues of traditional fertilisers.

Worldwide geopolitics and events and future regulatory/statutory laws are drastically increasing costs and availability of traditional nitrogen-based fertilisers and other agricultural inputs.

Utilising non-hazardous sustainable, cost-effective biostimulant, enhanced mineral fertilisers, specifically formulated for your specific crop – you can improve your crop yield with reduced applications yet increase your profitability.

All our products are made in the UK and substantiated by more than 20 years of ongoing research, and development.

Biostimulant fertiliser products

Developed, proven and substantiated over the last 20 years. Our cost-effective biostimulant, probiotic and Ecostimulant® fertiliser products provide many of your needs.


  • Improves supply and availability of plant nutrients
  • Promotes plant vigour and background nutrition


  • Increase the abundance of beneficial soil and plant microbes
  • Greater tolerances and improved natural resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses

Plant Care

  • Improved root biomass
  • Greater leaf area, increasing energy absorption
  • Improved plant health, improving crop yield


Approved, acknowledged formulations to boost your crop quality and yields For our Cost-Saving, Biostimulant Fertiliser Products.

Why choose Nutricor Agronomics?

“We are dedicated to sustainably advancing yields using cost-effective, cutting-edge organic agronomics, products and research. Trial crops are yielding 100% more (over double). Reducing the application of costly synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.”
Mark Atkins
Agronomist, Nutricor Agronomics

Proven in trials across the UK and internationally for 20 years.

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