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Dedicated to sustainably advancing yields through analytical agronomics, research and development, proven for more than 20 years.

Providing you with cost-effective, non-hazardous agriculture.

About Nutricor Agronomics

Nutricor Agronomics are developers of Biostimulant fertiliser products.

Bio-based means we utilise a range of natural plant extracts to significantly enhance plant health and improve soil quality and yield potential.

Established by a team of professionals with both practical and business backgrounds in agronomy, collectively we have vast experience in the field of biostimulants and plant nutrition.


Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to sustainably advancing yields through cutting-edge organic agronomics, products and research.

The ethos of providing nutrition for crops and soil without the need for chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other potentially harmful additives underpins our whole business and everything we do.

With farmers and growers constantly searching for ways to achieve greater productivity, and with many chemical fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides being outlawed in the next few years, we believe our bio-based alternatives to be the future of crop production.


Our Team

Our team are highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.

We are all passionate and dedicated to our philosophy of enhancing crop and soil health through cutting-edge biostimulant products.

The two directors head up a team of specialists, including agronomists, distributors, and agents to meet increasing demand, all of whom are equally committed to the Nutricor Agronomics Ltd ethos.


Mark Atkins


Mark Atkins has over 35 years’ experience as an agricultural agronomist. As a farmer’s son Mark is committed to supporting UK farmers and to non-hazardous, profitable farming. “Enhancing what nature does the best, making good, better than good is why Paul Hayward and I established Nutricor Agronomics Ltd.”

Through comprehensive analytical diagnostics, Mark identified with the benefits of working with nature. Particularly the essential role of specific elements, many that have been overlooked or considered non-essential (or quasi-essential) for plant growth and development.

In the early days, playing with various substances and their formulation into products, the term ‘Snake Oil or Muck and Magic’ was often heard. It still is in some quarters. To clarify what the ‘Muck and Magic’ is to suspecting clients, Mark uses another term ‘biology’. ‘Snake Oil’, ‘Muck and Magic’ are now known as ‘biostimulants’. The most influential biological stimulants being sunshine, water air, etc.

“We continue to make new discoveries through investment towards product evolution, research and development. Surprising outcomes and opportunities for products and their formulations generate added value. Higher efficacies are being achieved together with remarkable outcomes for most plants; grass, crops, the soil, and animals.”

The adventure continues from humble origins and initial development to inhouse manufacturing.  Allowing for bespoke grades for individual crops and soil types. Initially In 2001 production started with mineral and biostimulant fertiliser products. Developed for sports and amenity turfgrass maintenance management, football pitches, and golf courses.

Trusted by premier football league clubs for over 15 years, this technology has been adapted and applied to agriculture.

Now widely available to you through Nutricor Agronomics Ltd. Established by Mark Atkins and Paul Hayward to pass on the benefits to UK farmers and growers.

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Paul Hayward

Managing Director

Paul Hayward identified a wonderful simplicity, economy of labour, and low carbon footprint.

“To make a real difference to farming by using innovative biostimulant mineral and plant extracts. Giving farmers the option of a different method of fertilising crops.”

Paul saw an opportunity to make the same products for the agricultural sector. Describing early examples as “verdant oases”.

Paul finds Mark’s results ‘remarkable’ on most crops with no comparison between nutrient dense, Nutricor treated and untreated crops.

Paul really liked the ideal of Nutricor Agronomics Ltd. Environmentally friendly, high concentrate products with relatively low application rates all help to realise cost effective results.

With thirty-five years’ experience in logistics and supply chain, Paul previously founded and operated two successful companies, with 400 employees over ten offices.

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Biostimulant fertiliser products

Developed, proven and substantiated over the last 20 years. Our cost-effective biostimulant, probiotic and Ecostimulant® fertiliser products provide many of your needs.


  • Improves supply and availability of plant nutrients
  • Promotes plant vigour and background nutrition


  • Increase the abundance of beneficial soil and plant microbes
  • Greater tolerances and improved natural resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses

Plant Care

  • Improved root biomass
  • Greater leaf area, increasing energy absorption
  • Improved plant health, improving crop yield


Approved, acknowledged formulations to boost your crop quality and yields For our Cost-Saving, Biostimulant Fertiliser Products.

Nutricor Agronomics

Why choose Nutricor Agronomics?

Here at Nutricor Agronomics, we take pride in everything that we do.

Not only do we consistently evolve our products to ensure they are of the highest standard, but we are also competitively priced to save you money and what’s more, our nourishing products are environmentally friendly too.


Proven in trials across the UK and internationally for 20 years.

To find out how you can enhance your living soil to optimise your grassland and crop yields, please contact us below.


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