Crop Efficiency Enhancement

Increase your crop yield and profitability

Nutricor Agronomics provide a range of bio-based fertiliser products that enhance plant and soil health with approved formulations to optimise crop quality and yield potential.

About Nutricor Agronomics

Nutricor Agronomics is an innovative company delivering bio-based fertiliser products.

Our environmentally friendly products are formulated into a remarkable range of cost-effective products when compared to traditional fertiliser products.

  • Improving nutrient efficiency
  • Feeding the soil biology
  • Reducing abiotic stress
  • Stimulating plant immune mechanisms
  • Aiding recovery from pests/disease
  • Increasing seed germination and plant establishment
  • Maintaining soil health for subsequent crops

Why use bio-based fertiliser products?

Combat the rising costs of traditional fertilisers.

Recent events in Europe have meant that traditional nitrogen-based fertiliser costs have risen x3 fold in the United Kingdom.

By utilising smartly selected, cost-effective bio-based fertilisers, specially formulated for your crop, the time of year and climate – you can truly gain a competitive edge over your competition, and increase your profitability.

All our products are made in the UK and backed up by years of scientific data.

Bio-based fertiliser products

Formulated from analytical diagnostics over the last 20 years, our cost-effective bio fertiliser products provide everything you need to maintain plant and soil health with approved formulations to optimise crop quality and yield potential – why pay more for excellent results?


  • Improved supply of Nitrogen and other elements
  • Bio-balancers that promote plant vigour and background nutrition
  • Micronised Mineral Technology

Microbial Care

  • Increase in amount of beneficial soil and plant microbes
  • Greater resistance to green apids
  • Reduction in slug feeding damage

Plant Care

  • Improve the root zone
  • Improved plant tissue health
  • Reduced lodging


Approved formulations boosting crop quality and yield performance.

Nutricor Agronomics

Why choose Nutricor Agronomics?

Here at Nutricor Agronomics, we take pride in everything that we do.

Not only do we consistently evolve our products to ensure they are of the highest standard, but we are also competitively priced to save you money and what’s more, our nourishing products are environmentally friendly too.


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