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Humic and Fulvic Substances

Nutrimus® humic substances are complex and heterogeneous mixtures of polydispersed materials formed by biochemical and chemical reactions during the decay and transformation of plant and microbial remains by a process called humification.

Nutrimus® Humic substances are composed of Long chain carbon materials that interact with nutrients, soil colloids and microbes in the soil-plant root zone, called the rhizosphere.
They primarily influence micronutrient interactions and soil health, which are essential to plant root development and plant vigour.

Humic substances are very important components of soil that affect physical and chemical properties and improve soil fertility.


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Contents and composition

The quantitative testing methods pertain to an internationally recognised method (Lamar method) of the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) in coordination with the International Humic Substance Society (IHSS) as published and approved by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

The numbers maybe Lower than others proclaim but the performances continue.


Very high quality Humic Substance. ‘sourced from sub­bituminous coal’ possessing Low Levels of ash and heavy metals.

Available as:

Nutrimus® Powder grade for bespoke mixing or coating fertilisers. A quicker release due to the fine particles

Nutrimus® Mini and Standard granular CARBON for soil applications or blending with specific granular fertilisers

Nutrimus® UltraFINE Liquid suspension for direct applications and enchanting Liquid fertilisers with a wide range of compatibilies due to the pH value of 5.6 – 5.8

Modes of Action

Nutrimus® humic substances enhance, promote and sustaining:-

  • Soil Health
  • Active microbial communities
  • Plant vigour
  • Root growth
  • Water holding capacity
  • pH and Salinity
  • Soil tilth
  • Supply a source of Labile CARBON
  • Improving nitrogen assimilation



Nutrimus  granular grades supply a slow release provision of essential labile carbon to support and maintain the microbial communities. Nutrient retention and numerous other benefits are also increased as are the efficiency of nutrient availability and plant uptake.

Nutrimus  mini granular, 1 – 2 mm granular grade:

The fine grade particle size allows for increased surface area which allows the particles to degrade quickly and creates greater nutrient availability to the plant. Ideal for broadcast or in-furrow application enabling users to apply material directly to the soil or mix with a substrate. Due to the small particle size, there may be limited blending capabilities.

Nutrimus  Coarse granular, a 2 – 4 mm coarse grade:

Ideal for broadcast or in-furrow application enabling users to apply material directly to the soil or mix with a substrate. Nutrimus  Coarse granular has excellent blending capabilities when mixed with MAP, ammonium sulphate and KCL based fertilisers.

Application rates: 100 – 450 kg / Ha


NAL Bio Fulvic acid concentrate is a highly concentrated liquid fulvic acid derived from a highly concentrated source of humic and fulvic acid.

Possessing a high CEC and low molecular weight helps to build root systems, grow biomass, enhance nutrient uptake and availability, contributing to higher crop yield and overall quality.

NAL Bio Fulvic acid concentrate is a powerful chelating agent for enhancement of both soil and foliar nutrient applications. It is compatible with virtually any liquid crop input and aids in uptake and penetration through root and leaf membranes.

Application rates: 100 -180 ml/ Ha


Nutrimus  Liquid Carbon solution (pH 78)

A caustic process creating a potassium humate liquid having limited blending capabilities with certain fertilisers, but ideal for use in starter fertilizer applications, top dressings, injection through irrigation water and foliar applications. This liquid humic shows proven results as a stand-alone conditioner and for dry fertilizer impregnation.

Purpose of Product

Its primary use is to improve soil structure and to aid nutrients uptake.

Application rates: 10 – 25 l/Ha

  • Agitate well at all times
  • Compatible with almost all liquid fertilisers, micronutrients, pesticides, and water. The addition of Nutrimus Liquid Carbon to any products should not be done without first testing compatibility on a small scale
  • Do not tank mix with carbonate-based pesticides, as efficacy will decrease. Follow all directions and precautions on pesticide labels prior to mixing with Nutrimus Liquid Carbon. Ensure adequate agitation in all situations.
  • DO NOT mix Nutrimus I Liquid Carbon with calcium nitrate, phosphoric acid, zinc sulphate or other solutions with a pH of less than 6.o.

Nutrimus ULTRAfine Humic Carbon solution (pH 5.6)

Offers a great flexibility with this specialised formulation due to its slightly acidic making it compatible with most liquid and dry soluble formulations of fertilisers, biostimulants and other products. Increased performances at lower application rates for cost-effective applications.


Average particle size: 1.528 μm (micron)
Surface area: 8,840 m2 / Kg (1.13 kg will cover hectare)
Application rates: 5 -10 l/ Ha

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

The addition of humic acids with urea is well documented to increase yield of forage grasses and other plant. Typical inclusion rates: 20 kg urea plus 6 litres of Nutrimus ULTRAfine.

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