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Bio available silicon and calcium. Advancing crop husbandry - Promoting soil, plant and animal health.


Benefits of MNT (Micronised Nutrient Technology)

Importance of particle size – The micronisation process amplifies the ease and quantity of nutrient up-take as well as adherence to the plant foliage and subsequent utilisation by the growing plant.

  • Wind & rain can cause a complete and rapid loss of large particles.
  • Most of the remaining residue consists of smaller particle
  • Formulations with small particles secures improved efficacies


Physical Characteristics

  • Parvµs Soluble Silicon: median = 3.164 (1.03 – 7,445) micron
  • Parvµs CAL-S: median = 1.188 (0.61 – 2.867) micron
  • An example of scale are fungal spores: 3-35 microns

Small is More = Greater surface areas

The Micronised Nutrient Technology provides costs effective applications. The magnified efficacy due to the huge increase in surface area of the Parvµs products results in relatively low application rates.

  • Parvµs Silicon surface area: 2650 m2/Kg
  • Parvµs CAL-S surface area: 5450 m2/Kg

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Key Benefits of Silicon and Calcium

Parvµs® Soluble Silicon and Parµs® CAL~ S are high-density liquid suspension that delivers various plant health benefits and vibrant growth habits.


SilconSoil silica is generally abundant as mineral quartz and clays, but its abundance in soluble form (mono-silicic acid) is highly variable.

Continuous cropping of land and natural weathering, or inherently deficient soils can be causes of deficiency.

Plants take up silicon via their root and shoot tissue, however the silicon is not returned through biodegradation therefore. frequent applications ensure availability. Tissue analysis indicates that silicon makes up between 0.2 and 10% of a plants dry weight.

There are many beneficial effects on plant growth:

  • Stimulation of growth and yield potential
  • Leaf erectness through increasing internal cell wall strength
  • Prevention of toxicities from manganese and aluminium
  • Promoting the plants ability to forage other essential nutrients such as selenium, cobalt and others


CalciumCalcium is essential for many plant functions, with many beneficial effects on plant growth:-

  • Proper cell division and elongation 0 Proper cell wall development
  • Nitrate uptake and metabolism
  • Enzyme activity
  • Starch metabolism
  • It attaches to lignin molecules where exchange must occur with calcium or another similar cation (e.g. Mg”, Na’, K’, NH4′, etc.)
  • As Calcium is not very mobile in the soil, or in plant tissue, a continuous supply is essential.



Modes of action Parvμs Soluble Silicon UltraFine

  • Regulates uptake of toxic elements
  • Increases heat stress tolerance of plants, Slows transpiration
  • Silicon’s association with cell wall proteins indicates an active biochemical function
  • It is prominent in cell walls as solid amorphous silica, providing a structural barrier to pathogens
  • Studies suggest it is translocated from roots to shoots (Ca) uptake increasing leaf structure integrity
  • Foliar application coat the plant leaf with micronised particles creating a physical barrier against leaf eating pests
  • Promotes an upright growth habit and associated increase of ‘dry matter content’
  • Contains naturally occurring stimulatory elements


Modes of action Parvμs Calcium UltraFine

  • Calcium is a stationary element both in soi l and plants
  • Calcium does not move from old to new plant tissues, and fruits
  • therefore, foliar feeding can supply calcium requirements
  • during the formation and development of fruit
  • Accelerates cell division
  • Lowers the risk of frost
  • Accelerates germination
  • Protects plants against some diseases
  • Enhances cell and root development
  • Enhances crop durability and extends shelf life
  • Promotes root growth, colour, flavour, and quality

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