Proprius® Biostimulant Fertiliser

Proprius® contains an array of biological metabolites, simple and complex sugars, chelating electrolytes, proteins and a natural array of background mineral nutrients.

Developed and Researched since 2007 the basic and effective modes of action support and feed the soil microbiome in synergy with the growing plant.

The balanced contents of Nitrogen and labile Carbon as a food source for the flourishing microbial population.


No Plants → No Microbes → No Plants

A growing plant produces carbohydrates CnHnOn (starches, proteins, etc) by the process of ‘Photosynthesis’ utilising H2O from water (rainfall / irrigation), carbon dioxide CO2 (from the respiration of soil microbes and air) and sun light (UV light) within the chlorophyll of the plant leaf.

In turn, the plant exudes (delivers) up to 10 – 20% of these starches (sugars, proteins, carbon, etc) from its root hairs into the rhizosphere (the zone around the plant roots) feeding the soil microbes which in turn make available the mineral elements for utilisation by the plant.

Simply feeding the microbes maintains plant health, promoting a healthy soil environ with subsequent increased growth for optimum yields and quality as well as supporting the plant through periods of stress.

In addition to the plant beneficial bacteria in the rootzone, mycorrhizal fungi also plays an important part fro many crops types by establishing a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, thereby increasing acces to minerals in the soil that might not otherwsie be readily available. This relationship can be encouraged through the improvement in quality of root exudates.


Key benefits of Proprius®

  1. Increase nutrient mineralisation and availability from soil reserves (where total nutrient levels are adequate)
  2. Reduces nutrient ‘lock-up’ in the plant and soil environments
  3. Stabilises and increases Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium efficiencies
  4. Act as an antifreeze for greater low temperature tolerance, sustaining chlorophyll in cold winter months
  5. Develops healthier soils and plants
  6. Bio-Balancing – Increase and balance bacteria and fungi abundance
  7. Greater plant health increases tolerance to biotic stress
  8. Mycorrhiza also have other beneficial effects, with higher assimilation of nutrients, more rapid and in greater amounts.
  1. Mycorrhiza link plants together into communities that are more resilient to stress and disturbance than single plants.
  2. Products of photosynthesis move through the fungus from a well-placed donor plant to a shaded recipient plant. In nutrient-poor soils, mycorrhizal fungi can provide nitrogen to their host plant that their mycelia have obtained by saprotrophic digestion of nutrients in the soil.
  3. Nutrients obtained by hyphae, which extend from roots, can penetrate and exploit a larger volume of soil
  4. Develop deep rooting
  5. Increase soil oxygen
  6. Proprius® is versatile liquid for use on its own or tank mixed with nitrogen to improve use efficiencies.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – Product Substantiation

Proprius® has been proven to increases both bacteria and fungi microbes in soils by over 70% & 80%, respectively with one application resulting in greater plant health, vitality and ability to fix and convert ‘free atmospheric Nitrogen’ as plant food.

Increased ‘mycorrhizal’ populations feed the growing plant by solubilising immobilised ‘locked-up nutrient elements as well as moisture.



Increased Yield

A 2 year trial demonstrated significant yield increases of fresh weight yields from ONE Proprius® application. To provide adequate Nitrogen additional nitrogenous fertilisation is required to allow for crop removal and to maintain Carbon : Nitrogen ratios.




Proprius® can be applied to many stages of a crops growth cycle supplying its readily available menu of microbial nutriments.

For best results it is recommended to make applications to a growing plant to enhance the activity and demand for carbon by the soils microbiome.

Apply immediately after cutting forage grass and other crops to maintain microbial life and activity.

Application rates: 10 – 20 l/Ha
Applications Timing: – Preferable at crop emergence
– As a foliar feed before rapid growth stages
– After each forage harvest
Frequency of application: Depending upon the crop maturity, 1 – 3 applications can be beneficial
Dilution rates: 100 – 300 l/Ha. Adequate amount to ensure full crop coverage
Compatibilities: Fully compatible with Liquid Nitrogen Solutions, Magnesium, Calcium and Trace elements products
Tank mixing Can be tank mixed with compatible herbicides and other products.
N.B. Always undertake a Jar Test to confirm compatibilities.
Method of application – Determine the amount of product and water as required for the area to be treated.
– Half fill the sprayer tank with clean water.
– Add all products, maintaining good agitation at all times.
– Apply.
Pack Size: 1000 litre IBC
10 litre drum
Non Hazardous


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